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Beer Wine and Gin Tour

Beer, Wine and Gin (The Ultimate Tastings.)
Adults  $250.00
9:15am - 5pm  7 Days a Week.

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Bar Beer Tour
Dining Room Beer Tour
Beer Wine and Gin

Secure Payments Online. Instant Confirmation. 2 pax minimum.

Max 12 Passengers - 9:15am - 5pm


Secure Payments Online. Instant Confirmation. 2 pax minimum. 

9:15am - 5pm    Now Departs 7 Days a week


Take a tour in our chauffeured vehicles to the Micro Brewery's, Winery's and Distilleries in our beautiful McLaren Vale and Southern Regions. Many wineries now have beer and spirits, and we are continually researching new ones with new Brewery’s coming on-board all the time.

Lunch will be booked at the local eateries and not included in this package as you are free to order lunch to your budget. All our tastings are included with one tasting paddle at each stop. Taste Beers,Wine,Gin or Vodka. The number may vary from brewery, Winery or Distillery but generally speaking tasting flights will include approx 3 sample glasses of each style.


Luxury Tour. min 2 paxs Max 12 Paxs. 


Itinerary. (Subject to opening days and time)


4 Venues and Lunch is a GOOD DAY. Shared Tours Venues are selected by the Driver for the days tour.


1. Beresford Wines Tasting Pavilion tastings of 23rd Street Gin, Wine and Fox Hat beer flights.

2. Oliver Taranga. Wine Tasting

3. Local eatery for lunch.

4. Goodieson Beer Tasting ( Not open Monday or Tuesday)

5. Settlers Spirit's for Gin Tastings.

6. Fox Creek Wine and Gin. (May have a Beer Option)

7. Ginny Pig Gin Tastings


Pick up times start at 9:15am and tour will finish at accommodation or pick up point at 5pm approx.

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